Workshop held at the ACM SPLASH Conference 2013

October 27-28, 2013 - Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


ăgo ăgo, ăgis, egi, actum, ăgĕre

latin verb meaning to act, to lead, to do, common root for actors and agents The fundamental turn of software into concurrency and distribution is not only a matter of performance, but also of design and abstraction. It calls for programming paradigms that, compared to current mainstream paradigms, would allow us to more naturally think about, design, develop, execute, debug, and profile systems exhibiting different degrees of concurrency, autonomy, decentralization of control, and physical distribution.

AGERE! is an ACM SIGPLAN workshop dedicated to focusing on and developing the research on programming systems, languages and applications based on actors, agents and any related programming paradigm promoting a decentralized mindset in solving problems and in developing systems to implement such solutions.

The workshop is designed to cover both the theory and the practice of design and programming, bringing together researchers working on the models, languages and technologies, and practitioners developing real-world systems and applications. The proceedings of the workshop will be published on the ACM Digital Library, as an official ACM SIGPLAN publication. The AGERE! workshop was successfully organized in SPLASH 2012 and is proposed to be offered again at SPLASH 2013.

Topics include (but are not limited to):


AGERE! welcomes four kinds of contributions

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Nadeem Jamali, University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Alessandro Ricci, University of Bologna, Italy
Gera Weiss, Ben Gurion University, Israel
Akinori Yonezawa, University of Tokyo, Japan

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Invited Talks

Back to the future: SIMULA style concurrent objects
Toward the future of personal computing system construction